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we were considering danmark one of the most peaceful people in the world ... and one of the countries that respect all religions .
but what was puplished in Jyllands-Posten in 30-9-2005 is non acceptable by any muslim all over the world ... and it has no relation with freedom of opinion .
so this magazine should at least puplish an article apologizing to muslims for what was written ...
in order to remain denmark a country of liberty in our sight.
written by the name of muslims all over the world

peace be upon all who followed the right way
fist we'd like to congratulate you of this effort of trying to bring muslims anger out ... you succeeded in your mission doing it and also losing confident in your country by muslims all over the world not the arabs only .... and muslims in danmark can speak for the anger in europe (part of it) .... and you are all asking where the terror come from??!!...starnge!!! .... well not all muslims like each other like all human beings we send you this letter and we are talking and wishing to take this letter into consideration how mush muslims feel when our prophet being insulted&defamed like this way in history ....but it will be a black spot between our people and yours ... i am asking you to not bring hatred between muslims and your country we feel shame for you ... we respect you and U dont respect us what a shame and its not about free speach ... free speach have its limits when it reaches others limits meaning that any one can talk freely but i must stop when touching sensitivity in others .... plus messenger Mohammed (peace be upon him) ...was sent mercy for all beings not for arabs only ... i think you get it wrong cause when prophet mohammad came with his message from God it came for all people and God choose him cause of his endless mercy and love for human beings .... you can read it from books which talk about him (pbuh) .... so its not good for any human being to talk about him and did what you did and what you trying to do ..... this is a peaceful message like prophet muhammed (pbuh) told us to do start with peace ..... as u see when we start talking to any body we start with peace .... so please think twice before doing it but think more than twice cause as we respect all of you we are waiting to respect our prophet (pbuh) .....



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